The International 505 UK Class Association values your personal data.

The data we collect

We collect data about you in order to manage your membership of the International 505 Class Association of Great Britain.  This might include:

  • Your contact details, including email, telephone and postal address
  • Payment details, including credit/debit card details
  • Personal details such as age and gender
  • Information about your sailing habits, including your club, your boat’s details
  • Entry and results information for events organised by the Association
  • Data you enter into the website for the purposes of communicating with other members

How we use your data

Your data will be used for the following purposes and no other:

  • To manage your membership of the Association;
  • To communicate with you concerning the administration of your membership;
  • To communicate with you about the class, including news, events and opportunities, only if you have given us permission to do so;
  • Personal data will only be used to ensure that your entry is categorised appropriately for various prizes available at events (e.g. age or gender related);
  • To enable you to communicate with other members, and (if you have chosen to allow it) for other members to communicate with you.

Sharing your data

Your data is shared in the following ways and no other:

  • Your data is held on this website and within Microsoft Office 365 secure online storage.
  • We provide aggregated data (e.g. number of members) to the International Association annually.
  • Third parties may take photos or videos at events organised by the Association, which may include you.  We make use of these photos with permission from the photographer.
  • We take videos at events and training sessions and may publish these to YouTube.

There are a number of technical details of which you should be aware:

  • We use cookies on this website to manage your login status and other features.  You may disable cookies in your browser but this may make some services inaccessible to you.
  • Our IT services provider is Out of the Hat Ltd, who have access to our data for IT administrative purposes only.  Read their privacy statement here.  They provide us with
    • secure online data storage via Microsoft Office 365
    • website hosting and administration
  • Our website is hosted in the UK by 34SP.  Read their privacy statement here.
  • Order processing utilises WooCommerce by Automattic Inc – compliance information here.
  • Credit/debit card processing is undertaken by Stripe Payments Europe Ltd, who retain your card details for your annual subscription – compliance information here.
  • We may use Mailchimp for emailing our to members and mailing list subscribers – compliance information here.
  • When you watch embedded media on this site (e.g. YouTube video, Facebook feed, Twitter feed, Google Maps,etc), the media provider collects data about you, for the purposes of measuring number of views, etc.
  • We may make use of Google Analytics to monitor site activity.  This Google service collects data about you, including computer and software details, time on site, pages visited, etc.

Communicating with us about your data

If you wish to find out more about the data we hold or exercise any of your rights, please contact us via the web form.