Ian Mitchell writes:

Autumn racing in Chichester harbour is widely recognised as being some of the best sailing of the year; the area is virtually empty of cruiser traffic and the moorings are empty, so courses tend to be less constrained and the sailing area much larger.
The November/ December series is an Open event, and visitors are welcome, so why not come along and extend your season for another few weeks.

The cost for visitors is £58 per boat for the whole series (so if you wanted to you could get 7 weekends of sailing both days at Hayling for hardly any cost).

The programme is one race each day – start time on Saturday 13:25 and on Sunday 11:00. Racing will be inside the harbour.

It is better to choose weekends when there is more water in the harbour – the tides are as follows:

Saturday 3rd November High Water 0731 4.3m
Sunday 4th November High Water 0847 4.6m

Saturday 10th November High Water 1250 4.8m
Sunday 11th November High Water 1328 4.7m

Saturday 17th November High Water 1837 3.8m
Sunday 18th November High Water 0730 4.0m

Saturday 24th November High Water 1143 5.0m
Sunday 25th November High Water 1227 4.9m

Saturday 1st December High Water 1820 4.2m
Sunday 2nd December High Water 0705 4.4m

Saturday 8th December High Water 1149 4.8m
Sunday 9th December High Water 1228 4.7m

Saturday 15th December High Water 1643 3.9m
Sunday 16th December High Water 1744 3.9m

We (Mark & Ian) are planning to do some of the weekends starting with 10-11 November so if we coordinate we could try to get a few boats down together and do the racing and perhaps do some more sailing afterwards while we are out there.