Where to put the foot of the mast?  A question originally asked about Rondar 8234 and answered by Mike Holt.

Back of the mast to the back of the boat is around 10’1″.

The important part is getting the black band at the boom 381mm above the deck, here is the rule:

7.2.3 Limit marks not less than 10mm in width shall be placed round the mast at the following three positions measured with the mast standing perpendicular to the baseline.
• Deck limit mark: upper edge level with the top of the deck. – tolerance 1 mm (mast datum point).
• Lower limit mark: upper edge not less than 381mm above the mast datum point (lower point).
• Upper limit mark: lower edge not more than 6858mm above the mast datum point (upper point).
• The top point of the mast spar shall be not more than 7011mm above the mast datum point.